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I named my blog “Bright Forward”, as I feel the combination of these two words represents both my journey and my vision.

I’m into Enlightened Living, Practical Wisdom, Planetary Awakening, Spirituality (not religion), Philosophy and all things that signify Light over Darkness. (Hence the word: “Bright”)

This was such a stong focus for me that I ‘opted out of the world’ to live as a contemplative monk in India for three years.

Too often though, the spiritual path is seen as something that is opposed to – or at least removed from practical living and what’s going on in the world. Continue reading

A sacred opportunity for you and me

We are all one – not as a mere concept, but as a reality beyond our realm of concepts. Our true  Self, the innermost you and me, is intimately connected with the infinite consciousness that pervades all things and enables all experience.

From this oneness emerges this ‘seeming reality’ of separation, individuality, limitation, insufficiency and need – in order that we may experience ourselves in a myriad of ways, and have the opportunity to create ourselves and our world continually in our highest ideas, our deepest desires, and greatest imaginings. In doing so , we take the process of life to the next level of expression in an ever-evolving reality.

When we create from a standpoint of limited awareness, selfishness, and fear it leads to the experience of friction, constriction, inequity and destruction. And when we create and evolve consciously, with more knowledge of who we are, and of the tools and connections we have, we create a world of mutual support and love, of joy and greater levels of creativity, of expanding awareness and ever-grander experiences – individually and collectively.

Ultimately, we are more at choice than most of us realise, and we are blessed to have such an abundance of  teachings and techniques to bring ourselves back to a state of remembering, and enlightened living.

Let us be aware of the truly wondrous opportunity that lies before us all: the chance to experience our greater potential, with expanded awareness, and to create an enlightened world far from the erroneous beliefs and misguided attitudes that are perpetuating war, destruction and indifference.

Looking around you may see the many clear signs that we have begun this shift towards healing and raising our energy, vibration and consciousness, and you may still see much darkness – and therein a sacred opportunity for you and me.

Moving from “Sheep Syndrome” to Conscious Expansion


If we continually choose to believe what others believe, and choose to live as others live, as most people do most of the time, all we do is re-live the cultural story of those that came before us, as a lot of them did themselves! (and how’s that working for our world?!)

This has often been referred to the as the “sheep syndrome”, when people blindly following others without thinking for themselves. Continue reading

Duality can be quite a double edged sword!
~ Devin Iyer

Fast-Track your Info Product Creation with The Content Club

content club fb square picWith this blogpost, I hereby launch… The Content Club!

One of the most fulfilling experiences in life has to be the process of taking something you know, packaging it into a form which people can learn from, and then seeing that training or message making a positive difference in peoples lives and in the world.

Probably the only experience that can beat that would be when you can be rewarded handsomely in monetary terms, to bring you more financial freedom, the freedom to live your days on your own terms,  and even create more valuable teachings for the world if you so wish. Continue reading

The Four Pillars of Conscious Capitalism

Having discovered the Conscious Capitalism movement, I feel a strong resonance with the credo and the principles and sentiments articulated by the organisation closely echo the realisation I’ve come to: that the worlds of money; business; work and wealth creation is not totally separate and divergent from the world of personal development; spirituality; enlightened living and doing good in the world. Indeed there is not only a point where these two worlds meet, but closer to the truth is that these are two aspects of the same world. Continue reading

Smarter Communication, with Voxer

Here’s one of my favourite new ways of communicating: Voxer. I’ve been using this app for just about a year and it’s changed how I communicate with my close friends and associates.

Voxer is an app that acts like the good old walkie-talkies (remember those?) Once installed on your iPhone, Android or Windows phone, just choose the contact you’d like to communicate with, press and hold the big red button while you speak, and as soon as you release the button, your voice message gets sent. The beauty of it is that you (or your recipient) – get to listen and reply at your convenience. Continue reading

Trust: The Currency of the New Economy

Every now and then through the passage of history there exists an opportunity and higher probability for fundamental change and shifting of long-existing paradigms, opportunities to change the very structures of our socio-economic system. It is apparent that we are in the middle of such an era right now. I see so many innovations and a general readiness amongst people to try something new, if only from sheer frustration that the old paradigms are not working! Continue reading

Seeing Money with New Eyes

Most of us grew up with an incorrect or incomplete understanding of what money is. And so it’s no surprise that so many have a dysfunctional relationship with money and an unhappy experience around abundance. And it’s no surprise that our collective experience of abundance is so imbalanced too.

Some think money is evil and we should rid the world of it as soon as possible, some totally hate or shun money, while some see it as a “necessary evil” and so at least give it a little respect! Continue reading

Culture, Tradition and Creative Originality

Tradition is wholesome, grounding, often rich and very valuable. But it doesn’t serve us optimally when tradition stands in the way of creative originality.

Every religion has it culture and tradition. Even nations, groups and families have their customary ways of celebrating, commemorating and honouring people and experiences in life. There is certainly value in marking events with colour and costume, song and dance, ritual and ceremony. Yet too often I find tradition stands in the way of people applying their creativity to these powerful and beautiful moments in life.

The problem is that traditional, culture and religion are often intertwined in inextricable ways. And when religion is part of the picture, Continue reading

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